Sunday, 24 March 2013

Imagine, a poem for Conor


You couldn't love.
You never could be hurt,
You'd forever feel well above.

Well above.
Never lying in the dirt,
never smelling the earth.

Never experiencing the highs.
Never expressing those lows,
with your sobs and sighs.

Never truly living.
Forever remaining the same,
Living a death, without ever really dying!

Truly God generously gives to us.
Retains the right to remove from us.
To try us, for He is the Just.

The ONE who gives without measure,
and removes. To see which of us is True.
To believe in HIM and have faith in HIM, for that is the greatest Treasure.

Perchance HE might give again,
Someone else's heart, HE might make yours again,
And then you'll smile at all those memories of your current pain.
When the pain ebbs and the memories harken,
Remember at least you've loved and been loved.
And then be happy that you have a heart, that can be broken.

So stay True my friend Conor.
And live your life, the best of lives,
full of love, hope, happiness and Honor!


Written for my freind Conor in his hour of need... to help him remember the bigger things in life. And if you ever want to read poetry from the heart... then read Conor!

First posted MySpace 16th Oct 2007.

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