Monday, 15 April 2019

Say Not That

Say Not That

Say not that they died 
Where a stood 
When they stood against oppression 
And wrong 

Say not that the battle is over
When it is not yet won 
And ere the sun rises 
Another day is begun. 

Say not that force of arms 
Are the only wars worth fighting 
For to hold the peace 
Is as of a thousand of all things 

Say not that walls protect you 
Whilst you cower behind them 
And the Capitalists monetise your fear 
Forgetting they once cared 

Say not that Democracy is dead 
When the party’s wants trump the peoples’ need
And you have yet the wind in your veins 
And the blood in your sails 

Say not that it can’t be done 
For all things start as possibilities 
And it takes a drop to cause a torrent 
And a river gushing forth. 

(C) Shafeesthoughts 14 April 2019
Flying home from Tunis.