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Badr-ee, Badr-ee,
Ya Badr-ee! (*0)

Who were these people? When one of them sought to betray the Muslims, out of fear of harm coming to his family that were left amongst Qur'aish, Muhammad (saw) said to Umar (ra):

"What know you, perhaps GOD has forgiven all (both present and future) of their sins." (*1)

Their likeness was of angels walking on the Earth. We pride ourselves on being the brethren, and yet how far are we from them whose worth was as mountains of gold? (*2)

For religion teaches man principles, and is not the greatest of principles the unity of the ONE Transcendental God.

And from that ONE, most powerful of Truths, do not all other principles and truths emanate?

This found expression in the lives of those men who showed us the truest of forms of what it means to be principled.

They were tortured by their people and their very own families.
They were scorned, abused and maltreated for daring to say that GOD is ONE.
They were run out of their houses.
And they were made destitute, penniless. (*3)

All done against them by their very own people, Qur'aish.

And yet when they met Qur'aish, on the battle-field of Badr even though they saw with their own eyes thrice their number, they were staunch and resolute, remembering the commands of GOD to do justice in the land.

GOD gave them victory over Qur'aish, their arch enemies.

And yet victory was not theirs, but GOD's only. For on those occasions, victory goes to a mans head and he does things un-imaginable. Not so these hardy men for the ultimate principle, GOD most high, kept them safe.

And when they took Qur'aish as captives, they gave them bread to eat and chose for themselves dates. "O Allah, make us like the Badr-ees." (*4)

They chose hunger for themselves and fed Qur'aish as rich men. They treated Qur'aish well and yet did not hesitate to ransom them for the highest of prices.

This is Islam, the way of the Badr-ee. The most principled of ways. Taking as it's focal point the greatest of principles: GOD, most gracious, the ONE, the ONLY.

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