Wednesday, 18 June 2014



What makes him thrive?
Reach for the sky.

What impetus pushes him to rock climb?

Nappy clad,
and yet he mounts that which is over his head.

Visit the centre of parks.
Amidst that quiet serene,
There emits shrieks, bangs, whistles and screech.

The iconic noise of the swing.
The cacophony of oneupmanship
That I cannot see being driven by another

Simply, he does because he can
He pushes because he can
Not driven by sordid competition.

This be not a wild world.
No matter how bitter Materialisms pill,
That does not make it any more true.

Astonishingly that cacophony
Descends not into a mire of disorder.

But our World is driven by possibility.
I can and therefore I will.
A purpose that causes even those immature selves
To order and consideration.

Consider in all that disorder
Why is there no more hurt and pain
In those childhood years.


A coming into existence of possibility.
A movement towards fulfilment
Not what they would want you to believe.

Until education and socialisation
Adds fear to the mixture
And into the bowl. cruelty

Materialism's bitter pill.

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Location:Kelsey Park Playground