Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Rudderless Heart

Rudderless Heart.

I read in a shell
And I heard it tell
Of a thunderous clap
Of a crashing wave.

I read in a brow
That furrowed for long
Of a worrisome grew
That was the end,
Of the man that I knew.

I read in the black, steely night,
When the lights were few
And the air was brash
Of monsters living
Beneath the skin of my psyche.

I read in the tart apple crumble
Against the backlash of its sweet custard sea
A mother's love that might surmount
Amy troubles that there might be.

I read in the stain
That pungent stench of gain
That ever lingered about
That would never wash out

A crime of the heart
Blood red, bleeding hot.
Where I would rather lie
Than submit.

And it's this fear that drives me
That my arrogance might blind me.
That my heart might become trash
Not hear
Not see
Nor feel

A reader less heart
Is no heart at all.


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Location:South Sea