Sunday, 17 March 2013

Finding the common ground between the Roman Catholic Church and homosexuality.

I'm quite certain that by the end of this analysis most Catholics would agree with that commonality, but that most advocates of homosexual equality would not.

But then the rationality of those advocates has always been questionable.

In the 90s they argued that the fight for gender equality necessarily required one to also fight against discrimination on sexual orientation grounds. And that idea still hold sway among many people today.

The problem with equating the two is that whilst one is a given; you are either a male or a female; the other is a choice of what you find desirable. That quandary even saw them postulate a so-called "gay" gene, which has since been discredited after millions of dollars of research spent searching for it.

What's telling is that those so called advocates often promote themselves as proponents of equality against discrimination, in a rationalist tradition. But any rational person with even a rudimentary understanding of genetics or evolution would guess at the impossibility of a "gay" gene since its very expression would be it's demise.

And so we had those errant advocates proposing an impossible genetic theory in order to justify their claim that discrimination against sexual orientation was akin to gender bias. Pure nonsense.

And once you discount that theory, even after you have spent millions of dollars in a vain search, you are left with the obvious: that sexual orientation is a lifestyle choice.

And a lifestyle choice that can be just as highly damaging to our genetic necessity of gene promotion, let alone social and familial stability. A lifestyle choice whose promotion to being akin to gender issues is a disservice to those gender issues.

Just as is the Roman Catholic's choice to serve in the clergy.

Both are lifestyle choices, and both can cause sexual dysfunction in some. And that is their common ground. That the Catholics, I feel sure would admit, whilst those advocates would never.

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