Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Chrysalis

Have you never wondered at the beauty of the World?
Or the fine limbs of a butterfly,
How it came from its caterpillar grub?

As if pulled fine,
And comely shaped.

Within a chrysalis.
Could we ever consider the grub
Housed such stately manifestation.

Evolution, fie.
Like a fly in the ointment,
Is that grubs culmination.

For Evolution should have bypassed
That ugly manifestation.
But for HIM who created,
It is HIS signature involvement.

That HE is the Creator, the Evolver.
The Mover, the Shaper.
That has promised that on that Day,
That HE will change us in form.

A promise, awaited.
By few, but those who do....
Ahhh.... Such splendour.

"Inna yawm ul fasli kaana miqaata"
Indeed the day of decision is surely a place of change.
When the mountains will be blown away,
And the Heavens opened as doors.

That is the day,
To wonder at.
And to wonder at the one
Who brought the message of that day.

For he was al-Amin
Who never uttered lie.
So wonder at him
Before its too late.

But do not heed those
Who misconstrue his words.
Rather let your eyes drink
Deep from his actions.
His achievements.

May GOD bless him without bound,
reward him without measure.
Muhammad (saw) the Messenger of GOD, a man like no other.

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