Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Umrah, the lesser Pilgrimmage

April 2010:
If I were to sum my Umrah up in one thought: I would wish for everyone what I felt myself, to cicumbulate the House of GOD (the Kaba) whilst in it's shadow and it being forever in the corner of your eye. And then to look on it and feel a happiness that wells up into each facial muscle, an involuntary smile.

This time I did not cry, nor shed a single tear as I left. Maybe I knew my place, my home and that whither I be or go.... that place will forever be in the corner of mine eye. And all that I do intend will forever be beneath the shadow of it's blesed walls.

A perfect prostration is that walk, accessible to all. A blessed place, even in the hustle and bustle that surrounds all four of its faces. Would not life be fullest, when even at the centre?

The Centre of the World is Mecca, and at the Centre of Mecca lies the blessed Kaba.

A home for all who would be dispossessed.

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