Saturday, 22 September 2012

Soaps Suds in a Bubble, a poetic preface to the atomism of the Salafi


"Soap suds in a bubble,
Enmeshed in a whirpool.
Draining down to the bottom,
Wishing up to fight some"

The following is an analogy of the Prophetic analogy, a time will come when the Muslims will number like the froth on the seven seas!


Whats left of the soap?
Save only the sud that moves to and fro on a wave, that traps dirt and still trys hard to clean.

A perfect bubble surrounds,
That through reflection glistens,
Shines and makes the sud feel special.
And through refraction schews every view of the World, that abounds.

The soap sud wants not, and cannot see.
The whirlpool of our lives,
That its pure purpose be defunct.
And every effort to clean of the dirt,
Cannot remove it from that bubble,
That all about us is girt.

No matter how the sun shines,
Nor how those bubbles gleam,
Nor how white the froth seems.
There's no escaping the buffeting,
That every tide does bring.

And so to ride that tide,
Our lot in life might be.
Till cross currents will bring,
A trapping, crushing whirling thing.

That'll submerge and choke our very lives.
Draining us down to the bottom,
Never able to ascend....
Til we might burst it,
That bubble that's girt about.

A shallow sinking bubble,
Which surrounded us with falsities,
Made us feel so so special.
And caused us to forget,
The sky, the air, the clouds.

Now, put away your Partisanships,
Think on this poet's works.
Forget those soap suds that promised much.
Float on air, that the clouds you might touch.

Mohamed Shafi Bachelani

The former poem was initially intended to be a small preface to a piece I submitted a year ago on my Muslim Only MySpace Blog entitled: "The Atomism of the Wahhabi". And although it is directed to my Salafi brothers it's thesis applies to all of us. Please read it, it will be reposted on my open blog and on my personal facebook. (unspellchecked, posted via iPhone)

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