Wednesday, 19 September 2012

No fight end in vain, a poem

First published MySpace 17/6/10.
A poem dedicated to my friend Christian Terrosum King....

Being GOOD.
If by being good, you mean steering free from wrong,
Then you're only half way there.

You forget the sins of omission.

For it's not sufficient to be good,
Free from all confessions.

Rather let your heart be open,
Brimming full with compassions.

For our fellow brothers and sisters,
Rose of them that have not.

For whom, many care not.
Let their compassion be your guiding ray.
That you might act to remove vile injustice,
That often is their lott.

Then your claim to goodness might not be so 'stray.
For goodness is no state of being.

It's born, reborn, born again, but never being,
A destination forever on the tips of the horizon.

That gap between heaven and earth.
That one day we'll all traverse.

And on that fateful day,
Our state will be sealed,

Our place, known.
And that striving 'comes physical.

That is the day of goodness, made clear. And of staleness, brushed away.

So fight the good fight against injustice, where-ever it might be.
Believe my brother, in the firstness of goodness.

And in the ultimacy of goodness,
Believe, my dear brother, that no fight ends in vain.


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