Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Nation of Ghifar

Nation of Ghifar. 

Our celebrated hero,
May Allah t’ala bless him
Once could not stand that people be free Through the declaration of faith

And so he asked the Messenger 
And thrice he (saw) replied
With the last a humorous chide. 

And when the blessed one left us,
And Abu Dharr (ra) sought to impose 
His understanding of charity and frugality 
The companions had him banished 

And so befell the words of the Messenger
That he would be left alone. 
For the obligations were set 
A trust to be kept 

So that we might be free
At not slaves to a false religiosity. 
How my heart bleeds 
That these people have stolen 

A religion made pure 
Flowing as a river 
They damned with their fiqh
And every now and then cull silver fish. 

So that the people believe 
That orthodoxy is conservatism 
It never was 
For this revolutionary religion 
Will burst their every bank. 

(C) Shafeesthoughts 30th January 2018

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