Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Blossom Breeze

On a Blossom Breeze. 

Forget that we met
In the dire straights of war 
Where no man controls his destiny

Forget not what it was meant to be
At least for me, at most for us both
Thrown together, we were never meant to live apart. 

Forget my foolishness, when in my fear 
I  bit into you. Never meant to hurt you. 
And in my dreams you come to me on a blossom breeze. 

And we talked and we chatted 
As if there had never been
A time of sorrow, where our hearts bled never stopping for the morrow. 

But the memories of these dreams fade as if they had never been. 
A memory of a memory
That was never meant to be. 

(C) Shafeesthoughts 23rd January 2018

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