Thursday, 8 February 2018

Gross Injustice

After today's guardians exposé on the black ops detention centre I penned this. 

"When you hear of gross injustice. 
Does your heart bleed,
Does that feed the cycle of revenge. 

Or does your religion dictate,
Or your ethics demand,
That you cannot remonstrate. 

That from every heart that bleeds,
That demands it's needs,
A monster may be born. 

That your heart should be above it all. 
In order to be civil. 
In order to keep peace. 

But greater still is he,
Who reminds of God's mercies. 
Bringing solace to bleeding hearts. 

To those in need. 
And with peace in his heart,
Demands justice.

Leaving no rock unturned. 
In meting out that which was not met before. 
Perchance he might right injustices wrongs.

Bringing solace to those whose hearts bled before.
And in that struggle,
Whether living, by it,

Or dying, by it. 
In God's eyes he would live forever
And more.”

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