Monday, 22 December 2014

Borrowed Woe

Borrowed Woe

Sorrows line my brow
Alienation became my name

Swimming with my eyes
Near the tear filled rim

Nothing new this feeling of
Dread mixed in Disgust

Every decade sees in some new crisis
A new turn of events

That twists and turns my stomach
With malcontent

Never allowed to be put to rest
Always regurgitated up

Like a cow being fattened
On other people's hard luck

For these newspapers hail each new low
Like they take pleasure in other people's woe.

How their culture victimised me,
Alienated and converted me.

They called me Libyan,
Because I was Muslim and brown skinned.

Well I am.
Libyan, Saudi Arabian, Iraqi and Syrian.

And they?
They are the ones that condone evil.

Who buy the lies of their corrupt masters.

Well they too,
Will be called to account on the day Day of decision.

Those who condone the torture of my
Mothers, brothers and sisters.

Of their children
my children

And no escape will they have.
From GOD's wrath.

Patience is the best of clothing,
That hides and shrouds what goes on inside.

My heart goes out to those that continue to suffer torture under the sway of the wicked regime.
And to my Gazan and Palestinian brothers, sisters and children...
I stand with you.

But even in our despair
My heart blooms and gladdens
With belief and trust that in all
Goodness will shine through.

Location:The US

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