Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Joy overcomes

Joy comes

Now sweetened with a thing else.
But then I had no time

No time to feel the pain
No comparison to try to give it a name

No sight
Nor understanding
Of the sham.

Living the lie
Drawn through Western mould

Thin, lacking substance
Not knowing the worth of small things
Precious things
Easily sold.

Born to work
Not to work to live.
Without even knowing

The time to acknowledge
A Shared time
To be just there

Cementing ties
Yasar, my br'er friend,
Faisal my friend from before
Arif Bhai a friend for the now.

The fair companion
Educated me with tender loving care.

A gust of fresh air,
Monsoon of the east
Drenching my soul
That brought me home again.

From machine to man

For thank God, my Lord blessed
With a twinkle in my eye
That was her cheerful smile.
Making me both, and at once hot blooded, tempered and tame.

That still lightens my life
A not so heavy load to bear.

And a thing that I cannot bring to verse
That I cannot risk with terse words
That in this day and age people ridicule

And still others portray as cruel.
My LORD has blessed me with the greater.
A calm happiness that takes me when I stand,
at night.


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