Saturday, 21 December 2013

I flailed and I flailed

I Flailed and I Flailed

I came upon myself
Unnerved and unnerving
My very emotions ate into themselves
But they did not dissipate
Nor dissolve
Except to reappear
A life unto their own.

A feast of anguish
That could not fill any hunger
Except there was no hunger there to fill
Save a pit, a bottomless pit
Through which I fell.

And all around me felt anguish at my anguish
The spread of a disease
The fear of the unknown.

I came upon myself
Happy and contented

My emotions beamed from me
As a lighthouse without shade
Without night
Without need of warning
Nor precarious dangerous surroundings
And all about me were glad.

I came upon myself
Sad and forlorn

My emotions lay me by the wayside
And life passed me by.
Until I realised the bootstrap
That I make my own way
Create my own life
Make my own happiness

I came upon myself
Cheerful and neglectful

I said to myself that whatever life throws my way
I will take on the chin
And then look away.
And I will dance and sing
And be merry even as the sun goes down.

I came upon myself
Lost, so lost.

And I wondered at my wrong
Where had I gone from that happy contented youth?
And I blamed and I blamed
And I flailed and I flailed

Until an angel whispered words of Peace
Responding to my remembrance words
From a glorious Quran.

And I found myself
Happy and contented.

And I found myself
Happy and contented.


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