Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Bringer of Smiles

Walking back from the Haram, seeing the street poverty of my people.

Your people, our people.
The less able mixed with the more able.

Their unfettered naturalness,
Free from political correctness,
Yet beautifully sublime.

Their poverty is my richness,
Our richness,
their richness.

For them all Sadaqa is a gift,
From our hands to their hands.

For Allah t'ala has enriched them,
More than any hand could give.

With a Qibla,
and Kaba.
With rites, sublime.

With His words,
Perturbing hearts,
Causing men to cry.

With His Messenger,
Our Master.
A man like no other.

A three fold richness,
That no man could take away.

No matter how poor or thin,
I could never doubt them.

That GOD has enriched them,
More than any hand could give.
For them all charity is but a gift.

May GOD bless me,
That I might be the giver of those gifts,
The bringer of smiles.

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Location:The Centre of the World

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