Monday, 29 April 2013

My Umrah, a poem

My Umrah

At the centre of the World, is Mecca,
And at the centre of Mecca, lies the Kaba.

A cuboid raised by Abraham, of old.
Proclaiming devotion to God, the only.

A sublime sign of God's power and majesty;
A call reverberating through centuries.

To donn the pilgrim garb,
Released from our World.

Is our answer to that call,
Then to the pilgrim chant.

"Labayk, Allah huma labayk..."
Here I am, O my Lord, here I am.
At your service, ready to do your bidding.

To enter Mecca,
With the pilgrim's gait.
Whatever she gives, you take,
Whatever she leaves, you leave.

At that Holy sight.
Seven circuits make.
Seven rounds for seven heavens.
Seven rounds for the seven Earths.

Seven rounds that could fill a multitude of verse.
Proclamations, dedications and supplications,
In tune with all the universe.

Then to remember that first family,
It's trials and tribulations.
It's faith and their reverberations.

Before Muhammad (saw) there was the pilgrimmage,
And afterwards, confirmed by him.
No person was sacred.

Solely a place,
And an act,
Of pure and holy

That is Islam.

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Location:The centre of the World

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