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Life & Fractals, part 1

Life and Fractals

Original Cause
Many people believe that the essence of religious knowledge is the question of the original cause.

Granted the original cause is a fundamental spanner in the work of materialistic theology that tends to avoid it like the plague. Because as with Hawkins they cannot answer that problem unless they resort to an infinite series of infinites, which any sane person will throw off as incomprehensible dogma.

But even if we forget that original problem, the complexity that is life, the universe and everything should be humbling. However just as many people as those who believe in GOD, also believe that GOD created, set the World in motion and left. They believe that the laws of biology, chemistry and physics were determined by the act of creation and that the rest is history.

A ClockWork Mechanism
This is the Christian belief of the 7th day of Creation "and then HE rested"... a clockwork Universe set in motion.

The Muslim version is HE created and then "HE rose over the Throne (of Authority)" and "Neither does HE rest, nor does HE sleep" and "All affairs go back to HIM for decision" (All Qur’anic Quotes).

At the turn of the Scientific Revolution it was this idea that drove our exploration into the ever smaller realms. That everything could be explained by reduction, by examining the cogs and wheels and their relations with one another.

The Mandelbrot Blot
However the more we have studied the World, the more we have observed it’s similarity to fractal geometry!

Because no matter which level of existence you consider, there is no depreciation in complexity.

Quantum Dynamics
The most basic/elementary/explanatory of the Sciences is purported to be Particle Physics, and yet the laws that hold in that realm have absolutely no relation to say Cosmology (which is just another branch of Physics), or any other branch of science.

Gravity is a basic force of the Physics of Cosmology that exerts itself over huge distances, and yet it has no power or use when it comes to considering the interactions between electrons/ quarks etc... Likewise the relationships that exist between particles have no consequence when considering the motion of the planets.

a ToE
Of course in order to mend the hole in their aspirations Physicists have long looked for a particle that would be a modulator for gravity, the so called graviton. If it existed it would neatly tie up both cosmology and quantum mechanics into one neat bundle. But the Physicists search for that their holy grail of a ToE (Theory of Everything) is in vain. The World is a Mandlebrot blot!

If this is true of the so called mother of all sciences, it is also true of chemistry and of the study of life, biology.
Life tbc
Each is as intricate as the other, and the study of life is the most intricate of them all.
To be continued...

Dedicated to my MySpace friend George, ever the Scientist!

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