Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Belt of Air

Belt of air.

His belt was one to avoid
The anger rose
Like a bubble burst

Not the fizzle and dazzle
Of soft drinks
But the fester of those that let the anger build

Any excuse to be rough and crude
Which they put down to inhibitions being smoothed

They float gently to the top
Rolling all the bad feelings

Hang ups, into one
Big venting bubble of an air.

That when it erupts
Hurts, and tears,
Relationships apart

And the atmosphere surrounds us all,
As a belt that keeps within
All the vile bile that spews
When confronted by no difference at all.

Save our skin thick colour
That hides our common blue veins
Our red thumping hearts that bleed, when those inconsolable words, pain.

Our common ancestry
Is conveniently forgot
Or is engineered by paradigm
To seem like not a lot

But blood is thicker than air
And whilst air will out
Blood should not.

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Location:Tory England

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