Sunday, 13 March 2016

First Dream

First Dream

Eyes slid shut
Encased in my own dream
I felt weightless
May be I was lost in space

My hand floated involuntarily in front of me
As if I had to learn again what they had once known.
I curled my legs
A topsy tervy question

And suddenly flip
Like the spin off a trampoline
Head over heels
Then heels over head
I didn't know which

I was bunny hopping
Without the luxury of friction
Not even noting my breath on my visor
Not even having a breath to notice

Then tug
The pull of the life cord
Woke me with a start

My webbed hands made a chance grab
My foot lashed out
"Boom, Boom"

"Go on son"

Reverberated around
I noticed shadows in the darkness
And I heard the chant of soothing prayer

That had set me off on my first adventure.
"Go to sleep my little darling..."
A cavern so dark
And a voice so sweet and loving

My head dozed
And i curled again on my amniotic bed.



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