Saturday, 4 January 2014

Just Me

Just me. (Poem)

Who do I want to be?
Is as much a determinant of who I am,
Than the next man.

Do I take the bait?
Hook, line and sinker.

Do I pick up the gauntlet?

Or do I make my own way?
Ignoring all those challenges.

Will they say I'm scared
Or admire my independence?

Yes. A man can be a godly man
Whilst ignoring the scandal that surrounds him
Is him.

Or he could be a cook
A master Chef
Who plays people as ingredients in a frying pan.

Or he could be buffeted
By all that they say
And thus loose his way.

And yet still think he be the cook.
Master Chef.
Cooked, crooked, mistook.

Served up on a plate.
For them to dribble and drooze at.
But is he palatable?

For me,
I'd rather not be.

For me.
I'd rather be neither ignoring
Nor palatable.

Bitter sweet.
Just me.

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