Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Primordial Knowledge

Primordial Knowledge.

Miles below France the CERN laboratory is smashing together subatomic particles, at extremes of temperature and speed, in order to glimpse particles and forces that can shed light on the beginnings of creation.

Both direct experience and the rational mind are sources of knowledge. However Islam also holds that we ALL hold deep within us a "primordial knowledge".

Just like our quantum experiments, this knowledge surfaces at the extreme moments of our lives; when we face loss, or certain death and then we call and name and cry.

Irrespective of who we name when we cry, or shout so, it is to GOD, the most High, that we petition.

This the Muslim calls the fitra, and is the echoes of a solemn oath long ago taken. When at the beginnings of our creation, ALLAH t'ala called forth from the loins of Adam all of his children and made them swear. We, ALL of us, swore to bear witness that there is only ONE God, transcendent... above all creation (S.Araf, Al-Qur'an).

And it is this primordial knowledge contained within all of us, that the Muslims call fitra...our natural disposition to believe. And it is this fitra that is covered up under layers of other man-made beliefs.

But even the worst of us will make that cry and petition GOD when the time comes.

Just like Pharoah who belied Moses (as) and disbelieved. When the time came he and his host ran headlong into their doom, and when the sea fell upon them, they believed. But it was too late.


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