Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Conservation of Consciousness, random thoughts. :)

Let's see now.
I'm going to try think this through carefully.

Mathematically speaking if x belongs to the group X then the properties that define that group are necessarily reflected in every member of that group.

So when we define a platonic bird to include all those with feathers, it naturally means that any member of that group must have feathers.

However what is quite logical is that a thing does not have to have the properties of which is made.
So for example water the liquid doesn't have the properties of the bipolar molecule, for it itself is not bipolar like a magnet!

But this is against the grain of what is known, because knowledge elucidation should progress in the direction from that which we know to that which we don't know.

So water we know through its cooling and quenching properties. And yet when we change it's state it can burn and scald, and then also freeze.

And then we might agree that the properties of water, and really of any material, are fully dependent on the energy applied or contained within that material. In effect the material becomes immaterial :).

And once again we should remind ourselves to move from the known to the unknown, and not counter wise.

Whilst we might having so far noted the difference between matter and energy surmise that the following holds:

Matter, that which gives body or width to objects or causes it to fill out space.
Energy, that which imparts movement to matter.

Then we are left to ponder "to which group does consciousness belong? If that is to any?".

Certainly we might note that consciousness, like energy, imparts or even slows movement. It causes us to change or react to our environment.

And certainly we feel that our consciousness fills out our body, so that we feel the pain of loss when a limb is hurt.

And so we might surmise that consciousness is but a combination of those two qualities, Matter and Energy, in a particular context.

But we would be wrong.
For consciousness can cause movement opposed to the natural flow of energy.

For our laws of Physics state that energy flows from well ordered states to more disordered states, or that objects move towards decreasing potentials within any system. And so the marble rolls down the hill.

But it is we who can pick it up and carry it back up the hill. And likewise we can apply disorder to any and many ordered systems.

And so obviously we conclude that consciousness can control both matter, it's form and shape, and energy release and flow.

So much is obvious.
Except that we must by these observations conclude that consciousness is a third, neither just matter nor just energy, but another.

And then it might be that we surmise that it belongs in essence to the group of that which is...

And we might note that for two of the group the laws of conservation hold,

That matter can neither be created nor destroyed and just changed.

And likewise for energy.

Then we might induce that property for consciousness, that it might also neither be created nor destroyed, but solely changed.

Quid pro quo.

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