Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Do Muslims Love to Hate?

Do Muslims have a Hate Gene?
(originally published MySpace 4/11/07)

Most anyone could believe that Muslims are born with a HATE gene. Such a theory could easily explain much of what our Politicians and Media tells us. However this theory belies the fact that most Muslims are the happiest people.

The Evidence.No matter wherever you go in the World from Sub-Saharan Africa to Timbuktu, you will find that Muslims are both happy and generous with their food and company.

The Reason.
This fact is borne of a ritual and habit that makes a Muslim, the five times daily prayers. The first vocalization of this, following God is Great and the start of Prayer, is "Hamd" Praise/Thanks be to God.
This forces you to find something to be grateful for, irrespective of your circumstance, five times daily. Whether you are in Abu Gharib Prison without cause or reason, or left destitute without home or family in Palestine, it is this "hamd" that forces you to remember what you have, and be grateful and happy for it.

The first Command.
This phenomenon of happiness was the first command issued to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to make people happy, by reminding the orphan, the destitute and poor of Gods mercy and favour upon them (S. Ad-Duha). And if you can make them happy, then most anyone can be made happy except the ungrateful and the arrogant.

And it is this happiness that is the strength of the Muslims, because you cannot break a man unless you make him despair.

Even in these desperate times when the Palestinian People have suffered 37 years of crimes and terrorism that is the Israeli occupation, and the Iraqi People have suffered similarly under the Wests one time ally, Saddam Hussein, and still continue to suffer under American and British Occupation, Muslims have not been broken and cannot be broken.

This because of the thankfulness that is the body and soul of their religion. Even when they have nothing else to give other than their lives, it is their religion that decrees that they go in the hope that God will accept their offering. Despair may be the cause but it is their Islam that ensure that they leave this life in the hope of meeting God in happiness.

Thus it is that Muslims are to todays Machiavellian Politics, employed by todays World Powers, a nightmare. They will never go away and they can never be conquered.

The strength of Islam lies in it being contrary to hate and on it beings based upon thankfulness and happiness.

No Hate, but not LOVE!
However, unlike Christianity, Islam is not about love but about obedience to God and acting on the things that He values and loves being Truth and Justice, but not vengeance.

It is true that some Muslims do seek redress by vengeance and use Islam as a means of doing so.

But pity these, whoose religion showed the World freedom of conscience and generosity unprecedented. In that their Muslim forbears withheld nothing of what they knew, and sought to educate without regard for gain. For they knew that knowledge belongs to no man, and calls none master, save God alone. And it is the same for Islam, it belongs to no man and yet some of us are privileged to be called Muslim.

Shafee...Sweet and Simple!

PS. I do not normally do Dawa, for me the concern is changing perceptions and seeking true words.

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